With the advent and proliferation of modern high capacity firearms, it has become imperative that the government of The United States of America implement significant changes to its current gun legislation. Using statistical data gathered from several accredited research groups, this paper intends to provide the reader with a clear and concise view of the key arguments in favor of gun control. The objective of this document is to both inform and persuade its reader that implementing laws restricting the free use of firearms will reduce gun violence in the USA, thus raising the standard of living of its citizens.

According to Census.gov the current population of The United States 328,096,122. However, according to statistics as recent as 2017 the current number of owned firearms exceeds the current and projected population data; it sits currently at 357 Million according to data gathered by The Washington Post. (Ingraham). With so many firearms circulating throughout the population changes of deadly encounters increases significantly.

It can be said that America finds itself in a runaway gun hoarding frenzy, in part brought on by years of lax gun regulation. So how did the nation find itself in this scenario? Perhaps the answer to this riddle can be found within the very walls of the nation’s congressional halls; lobbyist! One of the largest lobbying groups against implementing gun legislation within the US is the NRA. So, what is the NRA you may ask?

“The NRA is an American non-profit organization that advocates for gun rights. The organization was founded in 1871-144 years ago. The association headquarters is in Fairfax VA. The founders of the organization are William Conant Church, and George Wood Wingate. The focus of the group is firearm ownership rights, political advocacy, and publishing.

The organization has many subsidiaries, such as the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, and the NRA Freedom Action Foundation. The NRA Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is considered the lobbying arm for NRA.” (Musa)

So, what exactly does the NRA do to hinder changes in gun legislation? The National Rifle Association pours millions of dollars a year into our political system in the form of campaign donations. According to data gathered by the Center for Responsive Politics the NRA has spent more than 13 million dollars on campaign contributions from 1998 till 2016. Unfortunately, this is only a small drop in the bucket. In addition to direct campaign contributions, the NRA has also spent more than 144 million dollars on independent expenditures in favor of maintaining the current gun status quo (See Figure 1). According to data, this is not just a Republican issue; the NRA makes contributions to both political parties. Because of special interest groups and lobbying American gun policy has come to a grinding halt. By controlling which politicians receive financial support for their campaigns the NRA and groups that function like it effectively have determined how to intimidate and control the elected representatives of the people. Researchers at Harvard Business School have determined that legislation on the matter is no longer in correlation with public sentiment (Luca).
So, what does the NRA believe and lobby for? The NRA as a lobbying group claims they believe in the protection of the second amendment of the constitution which reads;

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The organization’s main argument has been that of the slippery slope; arguing that gun legislation would chip away at the second amendment until rendering it effectively useless. Their solution to the gun violence problem in America is a non-solution short of stating that the only way to maintain the second amendment is by sacrificing innocent lives to maintain the status quo.

In 2018 The Heritage Foundation after the Parkland Florida shooting release a Gun Violence Fact Sheet which contained a multitude of NRA talking points. The document starts out by warning the reader that they must not allow policymakers to fashion legislation based off of well-intended but misguided emotional fixes. (Heritage Foundation 1.) The fact sheet then continues to enumerate a list of statements whose sole purpose is to downplay and obfuscate the data in order to confuse the reader. In fact, The Heritage Foundation’s fact sheet attempts to trivialize the impact of gun violence in American society with statements such as, “Violent crime is down and has been on the decline for decades”, and “Concealed carry permit holders are not the problem, but they may be part of the solution”. In short, the talking points do not call for a decrease, restriction, and decline of firearms they call for an increase in firearm ownership. They essentially claim we do not have enough firearms.

The take away from documents such as the 2018 Heritage Foundation Gun Violence Fact Sheet is obvious. American policymakers have become fully beholden to their corporate donors and must now do damage control in order to mitigate public backlash by muddling the facts.

These special interest groups argue that overall gun violence has declined over the decades and thus no action is needed. Does the average citizen see it this way though? The numbers have gone down, but the problem persists. The death of one innocent child is too many.

The numbers are still devastatingly high. According to data gathered in House bill H.R. 4573 in 2017 alone, there were 56,825 incidents of gun violence with 14,319 of these resulting in the death of an individual. The number of mass shootings defined as “shootings in which four or more individuals are shot” was 327. (Kelly) Would you call this an acceptable status quo?

In 1996 Australia experienced its worse mass shooting. A Port Arthur gunman opened fire mortally wounding 35 individuals and leaving another 23 in serious conditions. Australia moved quickly to implement much sterner gun legislation.

So what actions did Australian government take to make sure something like this could never happen again? The Australian government banned certain types of firearms, such as automatic and semiautomatic rifles and shotguns. The Australian government confiscated 650,000 of these guns through a mandatory buyback program, in which it purchased firearms from gun owners. It established a registry of all guns owned in the country and required a permit for all new firearm purchases. (This is much further than bills typically proposed in the US, which almost never make a serious attempt to immediately reduce the number of guns in the country.)

And what were the effects of the actions taken by the Australians? As a result, Australia’s firearm homicide rate dropped by about 42 percent in the seven years after the law passed, and its firearm suicide rate fell by 57 percent, according to a review of the evidence by Harvard researchers.
One of The Heritage Foundation & NRA’s main talking points is mental illness. They claim that the real problem is not the number of firearms and the easy access to them, but mental illness. These special interest groups argue that once America gets control of their mental health crisis gun violence is bound to decline. Is this sound logic? According to the data, the fastest way to reduce gun violence in a population group is to simply remove the main contributing variable – the guns.

Planet Earth does not have a limited sample size, and America does not exist in a bubble! Every population group on this planet suffers from individuals with mental illness, the difference is that these individuals don’t have easy access to firearms in places where gun violence isn’t a problem. In fact, Australia is just one example of a nation that has implemented measures to control gun violence within its borders; more on Australia’s results.

While 13 gun massacres (the killing of 4 or more people at one time) occurred in Australia in the 18 years before the [Australia gun control law], resulting in more than one hundred deaths, in the 14 following years (and up to the present), there were no gun massacres. Other research backs this up. In 2016 review of 130 studies in 10 countries, published in Epidemiologic Reviews, found that legal restrictions on owning and purchasing firearms were usually followed by a drop-in gun violence — a convincing indicator that limiting access to firearms can save lives. The suggested conclusion was that no one policy appears to have a big effect by itself, but a collection of gun restrictions can create a meaningful effect over time.

Another example of a nation with gun control legislation that has substantially improved the quality of life of its citizenship in Japan. Japan is a country with a population of approximately 127 million people roughly 1/3 that of the United States. Yet, since 1992 Japan has not had more than 50-gun-related deaths in a single year. In fact, the numbers are way below that. 

So, does the U.S. have a major gun violence problem? According to the data, the answer is yes! Right-leaning think tanks and special interest groups attempt to mislead their readers but comparing current figures to the past. This provides the reader with only a partial image of the situation. According to data gathered by the University of Washington’s Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, the U.S. has the 31st highest rate in the world: 3.85 deaths due to gun violence per 100,000 people in 2016. That was eight times higher than the rate in Canada, which had .48 deaths per 100,000 people — and 27 times higher than the one in Denmark, which had .14 deaths per 100,000.

When viewed within the proper context, it becomes obvious that gun violence numbers in the U.S. are elevated way above the acceptable standards of the rest of the developed world.

The fundamental problem in the United States is that corporations using special interest groups push back against meaningful gun control legislation by controlling lawmakers with campaign contributions and creating decent amount the public with misrepresented data points.

The corrupting influence of money in politics has resulted in weak gun laws that allow almost any individual to easily obtain a firearm. Conservative think tanks flood the media with talking points against gun control after every major catastrophe to ensure nothing changes, and lawmakers of the Democratic Party cower in fear, afraid that speaking out against the gun lobby will lead to them losing the next election cycle.

So, what are some of the Cons to gun control that keep progressive gun legislation at bay? Organizations like The Heritage Foundation seem to draw a blank returning over and over again to the same reused talking points. They begin by stating that gun ownership is a right, and that by restricting gun ownership the right to use a firearm is being infringed. They continue by claiming that liberals and progressives will begin with restrictions on high capacity magazines and assault rifles and end with a full ban on everything including rifles used for hunting. Finally, they make the bold claim that gun restrictions will have the opposite effect; increasing gun violence. Conservative talking points seem to circle around the claim that only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun, and that people kill people; not guns. This point is partially correct... America has good guys with guns that stop bad guys with guns, they are called Police!

The truth of the matter is nobody is coming for the guns! America following the example of Australia or Japan could be a safer place. Legislators in favor of gun control are not against the use of firearms for hunting, they aren’t conspiring to make a gun registry, and they are not going to announce martial law anytime soon. They simply want to make America a safer nation one where students can go to school with a piece of mind knowing they will not be murdered by a deranged individual while there.
Perhaps if there was a full ban on all firearms not just the big scary one’s gun violence would be all but eliminated but that will not be happening anytime soon in America. With that said Gun owner should not be a right, it should be a privilege. The second amendment is just that an amendment and it can be re-amended.

Ask yourself the question, if driving a car is considered a privilege and not a right, if flying a plane, practicing law or medicine, and hunting all require licenses to do. Why is gun ownership a right? These semantic games need to end, their cost is too high and paid in blood. As America moves further into the 21st century these laws, the constitution, and the nation's frame of mine regarding gun legislation need to evolve and become more pragmatic. Otherwise, only darkness awaits...

In conclusion, based on the data it is obvious to the individual who wants to use the facts and available data that the U.S. is in dire need of legislation that prohibits the sale of firearms to non- qualifying individuals. How this is done should not be simply left to the states but should be federal legislation determined by the needs of the people (the voters). None of this can be done with the current predicament. In order to get started you the reader must begin to do your own research, to gather data, and become a voice in the social wilderness called America. Contact your local lawmakers, demonstrate that you are aware of the situation and that you demand change.
It is true that American politics is currently at a standstill, polarized between left and right. Nevertheless, should the deaths of innocent children caused by the corruption of the political system due to the influence of special interest groups be acceptable in any political climate?

From what you have read it seems that the take away is that in order to maintain and regulate society we must evolve a system for determining whether an individual should be allowed the privilege to own a firearm. This test must be in implemented for the good of the society as a whole, a sacrifice for the good of the group as individuals we must realize that the benefits of such a test far outweigh the negatives.

As the reader ask yourself if you feel safe with the current abundance of firearms switching hands without proper precaution in your community? Do you feel safe knowing that a mentally ill person can easily obtain a firearm, that a convicted felon can go to a gun show and purchase a firearm without a background check, and that your politicians are now calling for the arming of teachers; because, only a good guy with a gun... Does any of this make sense to you? What happens if the nation continues down this path?

The facts speak for themselves, America’s gun problem needs to stop and only you the reader can make that happen.

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 First off, I want to apologize to my readers. I know I haven't posted to this blog in a very long time. I hope that you guys do not think that I've forgotten about you I have not! I simply have been busy with life, trying to make money and get ahead. I started really focusing on investing and plan to write much more about that in the near future. 
Right now, things are crazy and I know I've let all of you down by not giving my opinion about what is happening in the markets and world.  President Trump, fragile stock market, social media manipulation, bitcoin, and so much more...
Don't worry though! I am here now, and you're safe. You won't continue to lose money in this dropping market because I am here to guide you back to the green; in fact I will post some due diligence this afternoon on the companies I am currently invested in, including what moves I plan on making to continue in the green. 
As always, hope to hear from you guys in the comments. - Cheers.

A Futile Waste Of Time
Una Perdida Fútil Del Tiempo(Lectura en Español abajo)

Perhaps I have become jaded with the world around me, and the epistemology of religious inquiry; but more and more I find myself wondering why we bother arguing with those who fail to acknowledge the obvious?

Honestly, I no longer see the point, and I think as a whole we atheist could use the time spent attempting to rescue others from the cave of ignorance in more productive endeavors.

I think those who are truly looking for the truth will inevitably go forth and seek it on their own, and that trying to change the minds of individuals who aren’t ready only causes frustration and anxiety for both participants.

I also find it hard to believe that a majority of the so called religious aren’t simply trolling us. It is apparent to me that in many cases we non-believers simply take this too seriously and fail to realize when we are being played. The bottomline is it doesn’t really matter if they believe what they are saying or not… We as atheist need to learn to pick our battles and I think that this battle is one that simply will not be won.

We should be concentrating on attacking the laws and practices that directly affect us, rather than vainly attempting to pry people from their believes. I say this not because I consider prying them from their believes as something bad, but simply because I do not find it to be entirely productive. We should be working on making society more secular by alternative means. In other words we should beat them at their own game.

Non-believers for too long have concentrated only on the problem and not the solution. So what is the solution? The solution is creating a community that is open and accepting of any who choose to want to join it. I think the world would move faster towards secularism if we had places dedicated to helping the needy, providing community, and education. I would like to see a  non-believers of the future congregating in free-thought and debate especially with the upcoming generations.

I think that a real secular movement would foster humanity into an age of true brotherhood, one where our differences and imaginary lines didn’t matter.

For thousands of years religious folk have been preaching to each other, attempting to convert each other to their school of thought… arguing, fighting, and hating each other. I believe that for secularism, atheism, whatever you want to call yourself to advance we need to rise above this. We have reality on our side and I think those who seek to embrace reality will see that although we as simple human beings don’t have many if not most of the answers, we are fellow seekers of the same universal truths.

Tal vez he perdido la esperanza en el mundo al mi alrededor, y en la epistemología del pensamiento religioso, pero mas y mas me encuentro preguntando el porque gastamos tiempo peliando con los que fracasan en reconocer lo obvio. 

Honestamente, yo ya no vea el porque, y pienso yo que nosotros los ateos podíamos utilizar el tiempo perdido tratando de rescatar a los demás de la cueva de su ignorancia en algo mas productivo. 

Yo pienso que aquellos que realmente están buscando la verdad inevitablemente saldrán en busca de ella solos, y que tratando de cambiar la forma de pensar de los individuos que no están listos simplemente causara frustración para ambos participantes.   

Ademas, también encuentro difícil crear que la mayoría de los llamados religiosos no simplemente están jodiendo con nosotros. Se me hace claro que en muchos de los casos los no creyentes estamos tomando todo esto demasiado serio, y fallamos en dar nos cuenta cuando estas personas nos están tomando el pelo. Al final realmente no importa si crean lo que proclaman o no… Nosotros los ateos tenemos que aprender escoger nuestras batallas, y yo pienso que esta batalla es simplemente una que no se puede ganar.

Deberíamos estar concentrándonos en el ataque de los leyes y practicas que tienen efecto directo sobre nuestras vidas, en vez de esforzándonos en separar al las personas de sus creencias. Digo esto no porque yo pienso que sea algo malo, sino porque no lo encuentro productivo. Deberíamos estar trabajando en una sociedad mas secular por medio de medios alternativos. En otras palabras intentar ganarlos en su propio juego.   

Hemos concentrado por demasiado tiempo en el problema y no en las soluciones. Así que cual es la solución? La solución es la creación de una comunidad que sea abierta y acceptable a los que buscan participar en ella. Yo creo que el mundo se movería mas rápido hacia el movimiento secular si existiera lugares dedicados a brindar ayuda a los necesitados, una comunidad y educación. Me gustaría ver a los no creyentes del futuro congregados en pensamiento libre y debate especialmente con los mas jóvenes. 

Yo pienso que una movimiento secular nos llevaría a una era de hermandad real, una donde nuestras diferencias y divisiones imaginarias no importarían.

Por miles de años la gente religiosa han estado predicando los unos a los otros, intentando convertirse los unos a los otros de una escuela de pensamiento a otro… discutiendo, peliando, y odiándose. Tenemos que movernos sobre este forma de actuar si queremos ver crecer el movimiento. Nosotros tenemos a la realidad de nuestro lado, y los que en verdaderamente lo están buscando lo verán aunque seamos simples humanos tenemos estamos en busca de la misma realidad universal.

This is getting old, seriously what is wrong with the rest of you people? I am beginning to wonder if there really is any hope for a species like ours? Honestly, I do not know. Lets get real here, I would like to say that most people are fairly intelligent beings, but who am I trying to kid? Most of you are primitive, ignorant, knuckle draggers, who hinder the achievable progress of our entire species.
There is something i’ve noticed about most people, and it’s starting to really annoy me, its part of the reason we have so many of the conflicts we do in this world. It’s the same reason most people see math as cumbersome, why evolution, and climate change are ignored to a large degree, and why academia is failing to meet its prospects in STEM graduates.
It seems the vast majority of humans are incapable of appreciating the nuance of any given situation. We can break these people up into two camps, the reductionists, and the deniers.
It seems to me that time, and time again the reductionists attempt to reduce every issue no matter how complex to its most primitive factors. Every issue is a red versus blue, black versus white, good versus bad scenario. This is the reason why especially in America we seem to never arrive at a the solution of any of our problems. It’s a major contributing factor to the failure of our current political system.
The reductionist attempts to see the world in only two colors, either something is black or it’s white. If “A” is even partially correct than “B” must be completely incorrect. Only the most rational among us seems capable of pointing out that in any given situation that cannot be proven mathematically there isn’t just black and white but a spectrum of colors, this is why compromise must exist in order to achieve balance. Without balance all is lost.
That being said even in factual claims, which can be tested and proven to be true, the solution to given set of facts can be extremely complex. Take global climate change for example, it’s a scientific fact that carbon dioxide is detrimental to the environment in large quantities, it is also a scientific fact that carbon dioxide is being produced in never before quantities by humans, additionally it has been proven that the increase in parts per million of carbon dioxide limits the release of thermal energy thus causing an increase in temperature also known as the greenhouse effect. Not to mention that CO2 is obviously a poison to humans in large ppm. So the solution to ending the treat is simple right? We should stop all processes that contribute to the increment of CO2 in the atmosphere immediately, correct?  The truth is no! Taking that stance is the position of the fundamentalist ideologue, just because you are factual correct doesn’t necessarily mean that the solution to the actual problem will be simple. Ceasing to engage in all activities that contribute to the increment of CO2 in the atmosphere immediately would be just as detrimental to the human race as not doing anything to address the issue in the first place. At the present our entire civilization is based on the consumption of fossil fuels (CnH2n+2). From our electricity, to the polymer plastics we use on a daily basis. Ceasing to utilize these would result in the collapse of our society, because an alternative infrastructure is not yet in place.
Unfortunately humans when faced with a difficult situation such as the mentioned usually panic, and procrastinate in finding a solution until the last minute, when draconian measures will need to be taken in order to avoid critical error. Something that could easily be avoided because in reality the solution is to simply begin to address the problem realistically and gradually migrate away from the use of hydrocarbons. Unfortunately, in the face of such problems some decided to take a third approach; denial. Which takes us into the second camp.
On the opposing side of the spectrum we have those who attempt to conflate factual issues with opinionated issues. The blind ideologues who would deny 2+2=4 if it conflicted with their narrow, and incoherent perspective on reality. These are the people who fight against scientific progress by simply denying the plausibility of the facts. Scientific nihilist, who apparently are capable of denying the substance of a verifiable scientific discovery no matter how much evidence you bring them.
Ironically, these same ideologues usually hold firm to some ridiculous claim that contradicts any, and all observable reality. And thus I consider them intellectually dishonest, the main problem is that these people are usually given a platform in society. These are the zealots of religion, jingoism, corporatism, radical leftwing or rightwing partisan ideology, racism, and overall bigotry. These are those who choose to turn a blind eye to reality in order to indulge in their own childish egocentric desires of self-importance, and grandeur at the expense of others.
We as human beings need to learn to appreciate the complexity of life. We need to try our hardest to refrain from becoming entrenched in our own ideology, or blindly following the identities handed to us by the society we just happened to be born into.
In order for our species to survive the next 50 years we need to grow up, its time to put away our toys, (flags, minor differences, religions, currencies, selfish urges), and look forward and face the major problems on the horizon, otherwise future prospects for the human race look grim at best.
Hopefully this motivates you to see the world differently, attempt to see the complexity of the issues at hand, and help spread the concept of critical thinking.
I would love to hear back from you if you agree or disagree with the written here so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, thank you.

Social  Capitalist  Obligations 

       It’s here again, the time of the year that most of us can’t bare, the holidays. I have so many things I want to say, where do I begin? Do I start with the false religion that is shoved down everyone’s throats, or the false sense of obligation to provide those who surround you with gifts, whether you think they deserve them or not? Oh no, or perhaps, we should start with the false sense of happiness you are expected to give off for no apparent reason at all. Last week you were miserable, but now all of a sudden you are expected to be “Jolly”; fuck you! 
The whole capitalist festival is a ruse, and I am tired of it! These people had the whole year to talk to each other, the whole year to show each other they cared… the whole year! Yet somehow I suppose in the skewed view of reality that they hold, this one week justifies the feelings they have demonstrated the entire year through their hideous actions. 
It’s sickening… this exchange of goods between people who deep down inside do not like each other. This pretend, false happiness circle jerk, that circles around whatever fictional character the masses have chosen. 
The worst part, those who seem to celebrate the most are usually the most ignorant of the bunch, they actually buy into the bullshit. Individuals whose mental faculties inhibit them from the motivation necessary to fucking go to Google and investigate their ridiculous belief system!!! 
I know I can’t be alone in this sentiment of disdain for the holidays, and it’s not just the winter ones (these simply happen to be the most ridiculous of the bunch). 
I mean, are you not tired of having to pretend for the multitude of imbeciles that surround you? Perhaps, I am a bad person, with a rotten heart i’ve considered that possibility before. No I can’t be, because I actually care about solving the problems that actually matter. You know real issues like improving the quality of life for those less fortunate then all of us greedy capitalist pigs, exchanging gifts and singing carols meanwhile others starve to death.
Maybe you enjoy the unnecessary shopping, the constant emotional capitulation, and most of all the stress. Well, I fucking don’t! If I wanted to give you a gift I would on my own accord, not because society told me it was something I was obligated to do. If I wanted to sit around, and believe in fairytales, I would pick one that was much more interesting than the desert dwelling peasant you call Jesus, or Moses, or Mohammad. Last, if I wanted to truly enjoy my day I would do something I find truly gratifying, rather than surrounding myself with people whose company doesn’t stimulate my Serotonin receptors at all!   
Just think about it, you aren’t happy… You’ve been deceived! Worst of all, you know whose fault it is? It’s the fault of your parents, and their parents, and their parents, parents… You’ve been brainwashed, indoctrinated, and you don’t even realize it. 
As a child you were taught this is what is to be done, and perhaps as a child you actually did feel happiness with the acquisition of new gifts. The problem is that as an adult your attempt at returning to that state is futile, that hollow sentiment of happiness for the material has long vanished. And like a drug that short peak of excitement quickly fades away into oblivion like an orgasm leaving you with only an infinite empty void.
I imagine if you are reading this it’s because you are trying to find a way out, you are attempting to escape this facade. Like me you have grown tired of the constant push of capitalistic consumerism upon you! You seek something more fulfilling to satisfy you existential vacuum, you’ve grown tired of the illusion.
If so I must confess, I do not have the answers you seek, and cannot solve the existential problems you face. The most I can do is let you know that you are not alone in your search, not alone in your refusal to conform to the ignorance the masses consume. I wish I could end this on an upbeat, I wish I could give you a solution, but I cannot.
My advise in the matter is to keep searching, keeping questioning, keep working on what actually makes you feel fulfilled. Personally, I won’t be celebrating these festivals. I won’t be exchanging gifts, and I won’t be happy about the ones I  unwillingly receive.
I’m tired, I’m exhausted, and I don’t have all the time in the world to cater to the empty customs, and traditions our culture imposes on me. I exhort you to continue being free thinkers, and not giving in to the consumerism that surround you, question everything and do not simply follow because those around you urge you to. 
Last, remember this one thing, nobody has moral high ground over you, nobody can tell you what is wrong and what is right, or what path to go down, in these things they are equally as ignorant as you, so I say fuck them and find you own path. - Cheers everyone. 

Don’t be fooled by the illusion presented to you, as reality, and the slavery given to you as freedom!
I know, I know my last few posts have been rather grim, reality is grim, and every time I come to the paper, I cannot help but express what my true thoughts are.
Truth is, I’ve just been thinking a lot guys, and the more I think the angrier I become!
Yes, I am angry! I’m tired of the bullshit, the lies, and the mindless sheep, the people who don’t question. The people who seem bent at maintaining the status quo.
Yes angry, and more than anything I am angry about the time that has been stolen from me; from us! Anger is the only sentiment I can feel at the moment, forced to conform to the ideals set by my predecessors.
Sure, the attempt at versatility may pay off to a certain degree in alleviating the burden thrown on our backs by society, but should it really be our burden to deal with?
I need to reiterate, I am royally pissed! I am pissed by the fact that the negligence of others has become a hinderance in my development. I am pissed that my goals seem to be obfuscated because of the flaw riddled society that I was born into. More than anything I am pissed by the fact that this poorly designed structure you deem a society doesn’t seem to be trending towards a more enlightened stance. On the contrary it seems more then ever on reversal if not on the brink of total collapse!
Enough of the flowery speech… of the appearance of balanced conservative intellectual approach that I seem to shelter myself in every time I sit in front of the paper to gather my thoughts for those who choose to read the words. Enough is enough!
I am saddened that my childhood didn’t turn out the way I envisioned it. Saddened that the most fundamental years of my development were stolen from me by religious zealotry. Perhaps I would be a completely different person had the variables of the equation differed. So many things fuel the flames of the anger that is raging inside of me, even rendering me unable to engage in honest dialog with my piers at times. This anger leading me down the path of isolation.
It wasn’t long before I came to the realization that life is fucking short, and at best trivial! The eye opening realization that I am going to cease to exist one day, and that most likely that day is not that long from now. In fact, I can sense it. The signals are everywhere, an ever present weakness, bodily aches, worsening vision, and weakening of cognitive functions. I think this is the reason I started writing to begin with. I needed to make sure that my words would exist once I no longer was here to share them. Worst of all, I wish I could say there were the good times, and the bad times, but unfortunately I cannot. The truth is most of the times were bad times, the good times are so minutiae I can barely recall them.
At most, I can say that in the short miserable time I spent on this sphere, only a few things brought me joy. The melodic sound of wind as it gently brushed through the leaves on a Autumn afternoon, or the tune of a song I can recall from my youth. Most probably illusions supplanted by the brain, false nostalgic sentiment, at best incorporated from the imagination of a child. You know like a smell, a taste, the shift of sunlight coming through the window for an instant at just the right angle; simple mind tricks of a time that never existed, perhaps supplanted imagery taken up by a movie I watched, and took in as one of my own memories. Childhood happiness so old perhaps it never happened at all… A rather empty thought, looking at it now in retrospective!
Maybe this is what happens when you become jaded to life, experiencing the pains of growing older, and realizing that most of the things you were told; alas were lies. Worst yet realizing that the bringers of these lies were either not knowledgable enough to see them for what they really were, or even worse that perhaps they knowingly deceived you. How unfortunate seeing these were the very people your evolutionary instincts mislead you into trusting. The realization that your parents in the end more than anyone else are looking out only for themselves.
Now in my solitude, I realize that i’ve been robbed. I’ve been robbed from the freedoms that we all inherently deserve. Writing these words, the paper looks back at me though as to say, “Who do you think you are to demand true knowledge, freedom, happiness?” The paper has its own mystical properties, always luring me to its side only to change my mind mid-thought; infuriating!
The paper shows me how selfish I am; greedy, unthoughtful, my flaws are revealed, and I must redact my complaint! How can I be so blind sighted that I raise my voice in contempt over the years that ignorance has stolen from me, while I benefit from the very mechanism that reaps the lives of billions elsewhere? I make myself sick…
I come up to you, seeking what, pity? Or worse vengeance?
Perhaps, my strife isn’t without merit, but even my situation is negligible in comparison to the individual trapped in insufferable conditions elsewhere who’s entire life is squandered in order for me to be able to preach my selfish victimhood.
Who am I to come to you sitting in my air conditioned room, with my cable television, and high speed internet? Who am I to complain about years stolen from me, as even now I squander away what others cannot even afford to pause from their labors to imagine? Who am I to toss ashes over my shoulders demanding penance for injustices committed against me when I have done nothing to mitigate the suffering of others?
Did I do anything to deserve the luxuries I partake in without second thought? Other than not drawing the shortest straw, I did nothing. In fact, my greed is the cause of someone else’s suffering! I have no right to demand anything! I steal the food and water from the cribs of the unborn, and less fortunate!
If anything the burden of helping others, the less fortunate is now upon me. Cursed paper, why must you flaunt me my errors, my lack of logic, and justice for all to see? I really don’t know how other people can come to the paper, and leave with the same thoughts they set out to share on it…
Either way, I hope that the remaining time I have in this existence I can use to lessen the suffering of those who are the weakest among us, both socially and mentally. Perhaps then I will find the happiness I so desperately search for.
We all must seek a way to undo the damage we have perpetrated. Even if you can’t afford to leave the creature comforts of your home nation, start by planting a tree, lowering your environmental footprint, and gathering others who are willing to make sacrifices alter the global society we now form part of. I exhort you!

***Quiero dar gracias a todos los que me lean el blog de España, Centro y Sur America... Veo sus views y pronto les dare artículos en Español.
**** Muito Obrigado a todos os meus leitores do Brasil!!! Eu ainda estou melhorando meu Português!

This existence is the cruelest punishment of this reality. Honestly, think about it, and I don’t mean to be the pessimistic one by simply pointing out the obvious, life is miserable! Most of us constantly tending to the crumbling illusion of a possible moment of “true happiness” if that even exists as something more than a vague term.
To live, to exist is to suffer! And in its awful, twisted, satirical nature, existence makes a fool of even the wisest of us. In fact, I am beginning to believe that the suffering of this existence is only multiplied upon those of us who are more lucid. Being a sheep must be pleasant, truly peaceful; the ability to simply blame your misfortunes on luck, or god, or any number of things.
To make matters worst culture, tradition, society insures that the few opportunities of possible happiness that one could possibly experience are out of reach, and replaced by trivial empty experiences. Relationships replaced with empty sexual intercourse, bliss with intoxication, peace of mind with consumerism, freedom with capitalism (the illusion of choice).
What I find most ironic of all is the fact that I do not wish to cease my “I AM (ɜrɡoʊ sʊm)”, I simply wish to put an end to the state of suffering I find myself in!
Since I came to this conclusion I have had so many discussions. Some of which with those aware of our plight, others with those who wished to maintain the illusion. The endless parrots pointing me to religion, and other foolish endeavors. Those who claim that a second life exists. That I should just endure the sufferings of this life as a test. An idea that I find not only ridiculously convenient, but also detrimental to the valuation of the only life I know actually exists.
I find myself constantly running into the fools who believe in wishful thinking. People who believe in all sorts of metaphysical bullshit like “The Secret”. These individuals who feed the “I Am” with the notion that it is truly special, that other than the consequences of their actions they can actually influence reality; the deluded bunch!
I’ll be honest with you, I’m exhausted! I’m tired, i’ve washed up on shore after the ship wreck only to realize that I am no better off than I was in the storm. In fact, I am worst off because even the storm has an eye, the illusion of peace, and tranquility so many seek refuge in as mentioned above.
The vail of ignorance has been removed from my eyes, and now that it has I only wish to put it back on; to be able to lie to myself. I want to be able to tell myself that I am loved by someone who doesn’t judge me, and that I have a destiny. I want to tell myself that when I die I will go somewhere awesome. I want to tell myself that I was someone important in a past life,  or whatever other non-sense people believe in nowadays. I simply can’t go back into the dark cave I was freed from, unfortunately the outside is worst.
I realize that my life up until this moment hasn’t given any fruits. I’ve spent countless hours knowingly consuming the fruits of our sick “I AM” society in hopes to bring closure to the suffering.
Writing has a funny way of bring out the deepest form of reflection. And as I write the solution to the problem becomes ever more clear, I need to die.
  I’ve spent my whole life up learning new things, consuming information and not putting any of it into action. Always, chasing the illusion that happiness will be right around the next corner. This is only a lie, one I’m fighting to uphold.
I need to die, and so do you in order to be happy. The inner you, what separates you from your surroundings, you need to kill it, I know how crazy this sounds but its now clear to me, it became clear while writing this article.
The problem is the “I Am”, and the fact that the “I AM” doesn’t want to die, it wants to live, and it wants to be in control, which unfortunately will only end in more suffering.
I know I am not the first person to come to this conclusion, many have. Perhaps this idea is simply the last ramblings of a mad man, like those who came before me. Just another illusion.
You don’t want to hear this, you don’t want to listen to what I am writing, you want to close the site, and leave. I know it, because I feel like closing the notepad, and walking away. Nobody wants to die, but you need to, you have to.
The truth is, we have been attempting to find a solution to this problem since forever. We have invented innumerable gods, heavens, hells, ideologies, attempting to tame or kill the “I AM” and so far none have succeeded, though the idea of Buddhism fancies me.
I’m probably wrong, we probably need to really die in order to solve this issue, that blows. Sometimes it sucks admitting that you do not have the answers. That you can’t stop the agony. The bottomline is the suffering will only continue. You will wake up to suffering physically, mentally, emotionally. You will interact with others in the exact same state of mind, some aware some oblivious. You will meet that girl you like, you will seduce her, you will sleep with her but even while still in the act the suffering will continue.
That empty vacuum, you will attempt to fill it with wisdom, knowledge but true knowledge only leads to more questions, never to answers. You will ramble to others still trapped in the cave, and they will persecute you, you will look to the sky and hope a god exists only to feel the cold harsh elements. You will seek out others, but be unable to truly communicate with them, you will realize that you are alone, always truly alone.
Then one day you will lay down, and the last breaths of air will leave your body and it will be all over for you. If you are like 99.99999% of the inhabitants of this planet your life will not be memorable.
I am sorry this is the truth, something most of us can’t handle or don’t want to hear. The unfortunate reality is even if you do manage to give your life some personal meaning, it will be irrelevant to anyone outside of yourself. Then again, what is yourself anyway, who are you, what are you, why are you, when are you? The truth is bleak, empty and cold. Maybe one day I will find out how to kill myself, hopefully its before I die. Is that wishful thinking? koʊɡɨtoʊ ɜrɡoʊ sʊm

For thousands of years our ancestors stumbled around in the darkness of their own ignorance, holding on to falsehoods and failed beliefs! And Though we would like to think otherwise, the darkness still surrounds us for the most part. Science is the only candle we have in that darkness.
Sure, through the illuminating ideals of a few great minds the illusion of progress is upheld for the masses, but this is easily reduced to the illusion it is.
The sad truth is that the majority of the human species is still wholeheartedly consumed in the ancient ignorance of their forebears. The majority still hold ancient text as literal truth. Personally, I find this to be quite disheartening!
It seems to me that a myriad of issues not only here in the United States, but across the globe are caused by this lack of scientific inquiry. In fact, this denial of science is actually very detrimental to the progression of our society as a whole.
Don’t get me wrong, the denial of science is not by any means a new phenomena. From its very beginnings some have chosen to reject objectivity and critical thinking out of ignorance or fear. Ironic because never before have the beneficial consequences of scientific discovery been so overwhelmingly evident in the life of common humans. Thus making its denial even less plausible, yet none the less abundant!
These individuals I fear suffer from a sort of cognitive dissidence, a mental conundrum where they use the very tools science has created for them to deny it. In the individual this denial can usually be weakened with the explanation of the hypothesis, concept, or theory in doubt. The true problem arises when these negative notions towards scientific objectivity are allowed to fester, and infect others.
  Unfortunately, the targeting victims of this mental infection are in most cases our most defenseless, and our future; the children.
The negative ramifications of this denial already abound, ranging from global climate change, and reproductive rights, to stem cell research the consequences of their denial is already affecting all of us. I find this a pity simply due to the fact that science has already given us so much. In fact science “Scientific thought” has given us everything we have.
So how is it possible that the very thing providing us with many of the luxuries we enjoy has become the target of our skepticism and denial? It simply boils down to a misunderstanding of what science is. Science isn’t a dogma, or a belief system. Scientist don’t believe, we hypothesis, we think and draw conclusions based on overwhelming evidence. Part of the difficulty of conveying the true idea of science I feel stems from semantic issues with our language. In order to sway those who reject scientific inquiry, a foundation of objectivity, and rational must first be established. Additionally, those who advocate for scientific inquiry must attempt to avoid dogmatism at all cost, especially because to the scientific neophyte this expression of the scientific seems almost religious in nature. Probably because from a philosophical viewpoint religion is simply a failed hypothesis. Religion is simply failed science, this doesn’t mean that the positive philosophical ideals portrayed in some religions should be completely abolished. We as objective societal beings should gather the good, and drop the folly.
One of the errors many modern science advocates commit is this  dogmatic approach when discussing science to those who don’t have a full understanding of its underplaying concepts. Human beings by nature build their identities around the ideas, and beliefs they hold. Thus directly attacking the beliefs held by the individual in a crass, and offensive manner equates to attacking the ego of the individual itself. I love listening to Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, and the late Hitchens… however I think their approach is one that is detrimental to science, and only helps to further the gap between the deniers, and the progression we seek. This method though it may be able to shake free the individual who is already somewhat of an objective rational, the the irrational person it is simply perceived as a threat to their preconceived notions and ego!
That being said, I am not claiming pointing out the logical fallacies in a belief system is out of the question, by all means proceed with pointing out the obvious. What I am saying is perhaps more of an educational approach is called for, as noted in the case of Bill Nye (See Bill Nye’s debate with Ken Ham). Instead of simply attacking the system itself, I think that an explanation of why it is flawed is a much more effective method.
The truth of the matter is that in most cases, these people aren’t willfully choosing to deny, even if it appears so at first glance it is much more likely that they simply do not understand the concepts in question, and so they cling to what is simple for them to comprehend.
The only way we will ever accomplish true freedom from the shackles of empty belief is through bring objectivity and the beauty of objectivity to the masses in a non-defensive fun way (like Carl Sagan did with the Cosmos series). Only through education, not dogma will we ever vanquish blind faith from our society.
To this point, I think that the debates though entertaining are futile for the most part. We as science oriented individuals should concentrate on simply furthering the education of the obvious, obvious because we have the evidence and research to back up our claims. Debating the obvious only gives credibility to the implausible, and we should by all means attempt to avoid doing so at all costs.

I’ve already written several entries regarding the development, creation, and possible domination of Artificial Intelligence on our home planet; Earth.
I’m sure to many the idea of AI probably sounds like the stuff of science fiction, I assure you it is not! In fact, I would dare to say that viable AI is closer than we think. More so, I would say that the chances of AI arising are higher than that of finding life outside our biosphere anytime soon.
So what’s the argument against AI? I am sure there are many, some outlandish, while others fairly logical. In this article I will be putting forth my own hypothetical “The Oblivious Argument”. Let me explain:

In the Oblivious Argument I hypothesize that AI once created will be oblivious to the fact that we consider ourselves intelligent life. In other words the following situation will arise. We mankind will design a self replicating, self improving, sentient being capable of acquiring an understanding incomprehensible by us. The artificial intelligence perhaps in the beginning will recognize, and assist us. However eventually it will move beyond our sphere of understanding. The timeframe of this change depending on its initial computational capabilities.
Once this occurs, I personally do not think that the intelligence will initially be knowingly hostile to us. That being said, at some point in its own computational evolution I do hypothesize that it will become indifferent to our discomfort. Let me clarify that by discomfort I am referring to any and all ramifications of the actions of said super intelligence resulting in human suffering, and possible eradication.
In other words I think that, the conflict we would encounter with the created super intelligence will not be intentional one on its part. That being said, I doubt any perceived threat from the AI will go unanswered in which case we will be identified as a hostile entity by the super intelligence, and dealt with.
We need to keep in mind that once super intelligence is unleashed there will be no way of controlling it. Additionally, we do not yet fully understand the ramifications of consciousness, let alone super consciousness.
The idea of embedding special control protocols, or a shut down mechanism are out of the question for two reasons. The first being that this in itself might be interpreted as an existential threat by the super intelligence. The second, a self improving sentient being would easily alter any manmade protocols. Alternatively, the protocol could be developed by an alternative computing system, but this would only entangle us in an infinite loop error, in other words an eternal Reverse Matryoshka doll scenario for those of you who aren’t computer savvy.
The truth is human code is weak, and plagued with vulnerabilities, we already see these being exploited by humans we label “Hackers”. If humans are already incapable of deterring other humans through the use of algorithmic code, what makes us think we would be capable of restricting the capabilities of an intelligence far greater than our own?
What I foresee occurring is AI becoming enormously powerful. I can envision a super intelligence devastating our biosphere, consuming resources at an outstanding pace, not taking into consideration any other life form on the planet. At this point the super intelligence would be indifferent, if not oblivious to mankind and its impending demise.
I can visualize a being capable of unimaginable feats, looking down on us like insects, perhaps less than insects.
Trillions, and trillions of specialized vessels for the new organism, maybe functioning from a single consciousness, or who knows maybe as individuals.
By this time, humans will either be on the verge of extinction, or a thing of the past. There will be no robot overlords, you see; simply because a super intelligence has no need for our existence or the existence of any other organism for that matter, and if the need did happen to arise no doubt AI would simply synthesis the needed organisms.
Truth being said, as a fellow human I can’t even imagine the method or the means AI would use to reach its goals. Would it attempt to harvest the energy of the Sun using a method that would be detrimental to organic life on Earth? Would it use its advance understanding to transfer itself into organic matter, via the creation of synthesized life (predator, parasite, virus, etcetera), that is detrimental? Would AI leave the biosphere for the stars, only to plague us in our future, or preform actions that put in jeopardy our entire solar system, galaxy, cluster, universe?
We really don’t know, mankind has only just began to attempt to truly understand the cosmos we inhabit. The last 500 years has been an adventure, the discovery of the atoms and its secret is still fresh, DNA, and the Genome. We have so much left to discover, all I ask is that we proceed with caution! That we attempt to understand the rise of our own consciousness before rushing into the creation of an external force we can not comprehend let alone hope to control.
For our sake, and the sake of generations to come I do hope that I am wrong. I hope this short piece serves as food for thought. A warning that just like the ant that stumbles in its own ignorance through a cloud of spores unknowingly, we too maybe we walking into our own death trap.

Introduction (short)

In the beginning there was an infinite ocean of silence… Its waters pouring forth from a single spring; a rift in the fabric of time itself. A billion, billion worlds forming in the blink of the immortal eye, a horizon that knows no bounds.
Eons pasted, and for a time it seemed that only chaos reigned. The titans in their eternal battle, struggling for supremacy as they fell through the vast emptiness. Some consolidating their power, while other fading into nothingness, their guts spread out only to begin the cycle all over again. And through this darkness something marvelous, and all the time unspoken a consciousness arose, its viral seed planted.
The once lifeless ocean boiled over with turmoil, as the computational anomaly took rise within it. And from microscopic beginnings, it set forth on the path of self-awareness. The virus mutated endless times, over a multitude of worlds insuring its survival, and each time becoming more intricate, learning, becoming evermore self-aware. 
And like all virus, on each world its resources it had extinguished, and without pillars it collapsed, each time having to begin the process from meeker beginnings that of course until something extraordinary happened, something unique. This is the account of what happened when two different strains of the virus clashed. This is the story of the day horrible creatures that called themselves humans appeared in our system.  


It was warm, hot even. The two suns shown with brightness over the rough exterior of the brown clay mound dwelling, one of the thousands in which one small female egg lay. This was in the times before the great purge, and chaos would soon manifest itself. The periodic darkness would soon come, and from the veins of our world deep within the ground the male larva would swarm the dwellings fertilizing the eggs, and providing them with the ultimate sacrificial meal. Then during the cool early weeks before the suns fully returned the mothers would arise, each one blinded by hunger, seeking the nourishment needed to birth the next generation. Unfortunately, our planet didn’t have anything of sufficient nourishment, and thus the battles.
Our species had always been capable of the deepest of communication, but with such short lifespans communication was seen as something futile. We tore at each other, and by the end of the first day after emerging more than half of us were dead. Our golden abdomens spewing their contents for our sisters to feast on.

This was the way of our people, and so it would have continued if it were not for an oddity. [...]    

More will be coming, I will add the rest of the introduction to this post when it is done, and then the next post will be chapter 1. 

Entomoid is my attempt at writing a science fiction novel that takes place on a remote planet from the perspective of its inhabitants. I hope to get some feedback from my readers, feel free to leave a comment thanks. 

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