13 Reasons why you are failing at life.

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful and others are not? Better yet, have you ever wondered why you are not successful? Maybe you are committing some of these mistakes:

1.  You are afraid to take risks.

2.  You do not know what your goals are.

3.  You surround yourself with others who are failing.

4.  You have no self-esteem.

5.  You aren't trying hard enough.

6.  You are allowing others to think for you instead of thinking for yourself.

7.  You don't read books.

8.  You spend too much time looking for entertainment instead of knowledge.

9.  You don't know when to admit that you don't know.

10. You don't write down your ideas when you have them.

11. You have no standards.

12. You lack time management.

13. You oversleep.


Life is all about risk, and honestly it is natural to be afraid to take risks. However, just because something is natural doesn't mean that it is good or healthy. The first step in overcoming fear of risk is assessing what the worst outcome could be. As human beings many times we miscalculate the repercussions of our actions drastically. Here is one way of assessing whether a risk is worth taking.

Look at the longevity of the consequences of taking the risk. If you feel that the consequence of worst possible outcome will only affect you for a short period of time you should move to taking the risk! I apply this principle to many things in my life. The truth is that everyday we make hundreds of decisions and sometimes decisions we think are extremely important don't have effects that last more than a few hours, in other words the outcome is almost inconsequential.

In other cases the possibility of gaining an advantage far outweigh possible loses.  This reminds me of trading options on the stock market, you can only lose the premium that you are investing but your potential gains are limitless. In the same respect, life provides us with many scenarios where the possible benefits far outweigh the potential for loss. So why not take the risk, especially if failing won't affect you a month from now?

Unfortunately a lot of people do not know how to make a list of goals. The truth is that if you do not have any goals your chances of success drop dramatically.  Lets face it, most of us are procrastinators! For example I had been wanting to create a blog for several years, it started as an idea that I would remember ever so often. One day I decided to write down the idea, and eventually the need to act upon the idea grew and grew until I had to do it.

There is a whole science behind goal oriented lifestyles, having goals tells you where you want to go. Look at it this way if you do not know where you want to go, you will probably not go anywhere.

In addition to simply having goals, you need to have goals that are worth pursuing, make a list of about 12 goals, start out listing the easiest 3 first, after that mix in one or two of the harder goals between easier ones. Believe me that once you have a few achievements under your belt you will feel better about yourself and goal making will come as second nature to you.

Avoid people who lack ambition! If you surround yourself with failures you will become a failure, additionally these people do not want to see you succeed they will drag you down, haven't you ever heard of Canadian lobsters? The story goes like this:

There was an American lobster fisher and a Canadian Lobster fisher at a pier. The American fisherman turns towards the Canadian fisherman and tells him his bucket of lobsters is full and that the lobsters will soon be able to escape from his bucket. The Canadian fisherman then replies back, "No, they won't escape, these are Canadian Lobster, if one tries to escape the others will pull it back down into the bucket." 

The moral of the story is, if you want to be successful don't go to Canada...  No, seriously the moral here is that people who are not successful don't want to see you succeed they want you to be in the same or a worst condition then they are.  So if you want to start growing as a person seek out people who are making it, these people will motivate you to become better!

A lot of people aren't successful simply because they don't see themselves as capable of achieving success. This is the main reason why most successful people come off as arrogant (full of themselves). The secret is that it is because they are full of themselves, don't be a fool.

It is better to be full of yourself than full of shit! 

Try harder, don't expect success to fall into your lap. Do you think that starting a blog is easy work? Do you think that obtaining a college degree, a career, writing a book, starting a band, or achieving any other skill is going to not require effort? If you do you are fucking kidding yourself. To be good at something requires effort and you don't want to be good, being good isn't good enough, you want to be the best!

Don't allow others to think for you, by others I mean anyone else including the media, government, religion... Start thinking for yourself, start analyzing situations and coming to you own conclusions to what you should do.

This one is simple, if you don't read books you won't have any foundation. If you do not have any foundation you are a fool and you will fail. On thing I really hate is encountering people who have nothing under their beliefs. You know what kind of people I am talking about, I call them parrot people, they are those individuals who don't have any facts or evidence behind their fractured opinion of life. Knowledge is power and knowledge can be found in books, and I am not talking about reading a book and taking every word as a fact. I read books in order to get other perspectives on subjects, to acquire ideas, and to better understand where others are coming from. Additionally, reading is a great way to grow your vocabulary, and that is also an important skill needed to achieve success.

Are you not entertained? Honestly people, do you think that watching 12 hours of television will somehow improve your standard of living? Instead of seeking entertainment why don't you go out and do something productive? Why don't you create entertainment instead of simply settling for the role of consumer?

One of the most powerful things a person can do is admit that they do not know. Our society has conditioned us to be afraid to admit when we don't know something and it is rare to run across someone who admits that they are clueless on a subject. The truth is we don't know anything, or at least almost anything and that the more you know the more you realize that you don't know anything.

For me one thing is true, when I hear someone admit that they don't know something during a conversation it makes me have more confidence that they are not completely full of shit! Remember that next time you are talking to someone who seems to know everything.

Write down your ideas, and goals!  Next time you come across someone who seems to have plenty of ideas take a moment to look at their hands. Are they reading from a sheet of paper? Are they writing down any of the things they are saying? Chances are if they are not writing down what they are saying then they are full of shit and are simply venting ideas that they will never take action on. I am the survivor of hundreds of corporate meetings where nobody wrote down anything, guess what the outcome of those boardroom meetings were? Exactly a fucking waste of time, bureaucracy...

The other suggestion I have is that you actually write these ideas down on physical paper, not an electronic device when ever possible.

Get standards, this goes back to being ambitious and surrounding yourself with successful people.

Organization people, if you have an iPhone download Any.Do or any other app where you can plan your day. All smart phones come with a calendar now a days, use it! Successful people are not the kind that realize they have not accomplished anything at the end of the day!

Sleep at night, sleep for 6 or less hours. You want to be successful then get out of your bed and start building your success. I wake up at 6am everyday to start working on my projects. If you have time to sleep either you are already successful or you are a complete failure.

Well, anyways I hope that you enjoyed this entry and it helps you to become a more successful individual. If you like what you are seeing here so far don't forget to subscribe to my blog and share it with your friends on social media - cheers.


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