Blogger's Quest

I confess, I may be arriving late to the ball game, but enough is enough, I have procrastinated for quiet some time now with regards to starting a blog. To be honest I don't know what took me so long, most likely laziness.

No seriously though me... someone who was previously a hacker, who took various courses in computer programming, and who worked as a business analyst for a major U.S healthcare provider wasn't able to start a simple blog up until now. Looking back I now realize that one of the main hurtles was finding the correct blogging platform. For god sakes, I spent years walking in circles trying to figure out which platform to start posting my thoughts to. 

I initially thought of using Wordpress but was quickly discouraged by what I felt was a platform that lacked user-friendliness. Let me clarify, I took courses in programming, I dabbled in hacking but that was more than 3 years ago, I quit that path after having a horrible experience with an Objective-C professor in college. What I am trying to say is I did not want to spend countless hours messing with code. HTML5, Javascript, PHP, I wanted a platform where I could circumvent the grind and go straight to what I really love doing... creating content. 
Sigh... yes I know that sounds extremely lazy but what would you rather, mediocre content and an amazing layout or a clean layout with interesting content?

Anyways, after stumbling through Wordpress I moved on to Squarespace. What a freaking mistake, Squarespace is simple, too simple, too plan, too boring... In fact, I find myself running into Squarespace a lot and always leaving. In my photographic endeavors at one point I opened a Squarespace account and shortly after found myself on creating a superior portfolio there. In my opinion Squarespace is for the extremely simplistic individual who wants to be able to drag and drop content into predetermined boxes. I wanted a clean look to my work but not a bland dead one. Additionally, who is Squarespace kidding? Their platform is designed mostly for graphic artists and photographers it seems incompatible for the art of writing. 

Next was Blogger. I had previously opened a blog on Blogger and stopped using it simply because the platform felt boring, too simple... lacking templates worth using. Well, lucky for me two years later it seems that there are now better options to choose from, taking that into consideration I still spent several hours dabbling with code, and as of right now I am still not finished. Either way I have taken afoot on my quest to become a blogger. No turning back now!

So why do I want to become a blogger? To be honest it is probably the same reason that I became a photographer, a musician, an investor, an artist, an author, a speaker, and a musician. I enjoy creating content for other people. In reality I am not the most sociable human being, yes I do find comfort in communicating my ideas in person to others, but at the same time I am usually quite introvert. Individuals such as myself need some medium for expression and in my case I have chosen the arts, but who am I kidding I also enjoy the girls attracted by my indulging in the sophisticated world of the arts. I also enjoy being eccentric (just another word for fucking insane)...

Writing is an art, and just like any art it requires a certain set of skills, one of them I would have to say is obsession! There is a thin line between genius and insanity and I do not know where I stand. I guess my audience will be the judge of that after subscribing to my blog. The purpose of this blog is to feed your intellect, your curiosity, to enrage and offend you at times, to convince you to take risks and to think independently. I do not want you to follow me blindly into the abyss, I simple want you to reflect on what you call life. I don't plan on writing about one topic in general, nor do I plan on keeping it simple at all times. In fact I plan on simply writing my ideas, observations, experiences, and goals here and if you those words help you to realize that none of us know anything, I will have done my job.

My bags are packed, and I have my walking stick and like Bilbo Baggins once said,

 “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door,” ... “You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no telling where you might be swept off to.”

Off we go, my friends. We are on a quest for the knowledge that we lack knowledge. The understanding that our we live in a world of man made illusion. We are here to observe the animal, the creature who has lied to himself saying that he is not just another animal, that he is special, let us get to it then...

- Cheers


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