Do we need religion anymore?

Do we need religion anymore? | Entropy of Man

Do we need Religion anymore? 

“Rise up and walk, you are healed;” these are the famous words of the mythical character know to many by the name of Jesus the Christ, or Jesus of Nazareth. Today the message to you is the same; rise up and walk, you are capable of thinking for yourself, and thus there is no need for the vile crutch we call religion.
The point of this post is to reveal that through logic, and factual thinking, we are capable of achieving our wildest dreams as a society, and thus we are able to advance towards a future utopia, the true heaven on Earth.  A heaven not created by any man-made gods, but science, logic, and reason.
It is time that we advance as a civilization, abandoning illogical reasoning, and wishful thinking, time we dropped the beliefs in stories, and myths, taking fiction as if it were fact. In reality what has religion helped us in? What proof of a god do we have, what facts, what evidence? It is time for mankind to grow up; religion might have helped our ancestors survive in a world they didn’t understand, but in reality, it is just another bi-product of our tribal instinct to join together in groups in order to increase our odds of survival.  As a matter of fact, the more we advance in science, the more obvious it becomes that religion (I am referring to all known religions, not just Christianity) is unnecessary. Religion is entirely based on a kind of wishful thinking, most commonly known as faith.
In fact many religious people reject evidence in order to live a life of faith! These individuals refuse to think for themselves, or look for answers through reasoning and investigation. As mentioned below by Richard Dawkins, in The God Delusion; [blind faith is not only a manifestation of ones lack of analytic thinking, it is also dangerous to society as a whole.]
More generally (and this applies to Christianity no less then to Islam), what is really pernicious is the practice of teaching children that faith itself is a virtue. Faith is an evil precisely because it requires no justification and brooks no argument… If children were taught to question and think through their beliefs, instead of the being taught the superior virtue of faith without question, it is a good bet that there would be no suicide bombers. Suicide bombers do what they do because they really believe what they were taught in their religious schools: that the duty to God exceeds all other priorities, and that martyrdom in his service will be rewarded in the gardens of paradise. (347-348)

All and all, this world would be a much better place, if we began to think for ourselves, instead of letting the imagination of our long dead, and technologically disadvantaged ancestors think for us. A few hundred years ago, people thought that the world was flat. Unfortunately, people of the time blindly believed this idea, which of course was reinforced by the Church, and due to the lack of logical thinking, and analysis; this misinformation was spread throughout the known world for hundreds of years.  It wasn’t until Galileo, and other men of reason began to question beliefs with fact that the truth was discovered. Once again, I believe it is time we begin to question faith with facts. Religion and the belief in God, no longer provide us with answers that can be taken seriously regarding the natural events observable in our everyday lives.
Yes, Mr. Bill O’reilly (of FOX News), the tides are not caused by some mysterious, divine power; it is just the gravitational pull of the moon. The answer of these natural riddles wasn’t provided to us through some holy book, or divine revelation, observation and critical thinking supplied us with the answers we were seeking. If the great men of reason had waited for religion to provide us with the truths of the universe we would still be lurking in the darkness of our own ignorance.
The main problem with religious people is that, since they blindly believe in the words of a book, or a self-proclaimed prophet, they reject all reasoning, and see doubt and investigation as a sin. Thus, placing them outside, the reach of reason, and into the realm of wishful thinking.

 The first thing to be said is that virtuoso behavior by a believer is no proof at all of – indeed is not even an argument for – the truth of his belief… to believe in a God is in one way to express a willingness to believe in anything. (Hitchens. God is Not Great, 185)

Other than just the fact that religion impedes us from advancing as a whole, it also causes countless conflicts and division. Even if we go back to the fictitious book known as the Bible, the first story of division and murder is that of Cain and Abel. When we analyze the story we see the true perversion of the events. A story in which; religious differences, push a man to kill his own brother.
In this story, Abel and Cain are both asked to offer a sacrifice to their bloodthirsty god. Cain decides to offer his god some of his best fruit; meanwhile Abel offers a lamb up to God.  Obviously, this vile being ends up favoring Abel’s bloody sacrifice, thus angering Cain.  Cain filled with anger, decides to kill Abel while in the field. Now, as we observe the chain of events, we clearly see that Cain didn’t just kill Abel out of jealousy, but something much deeper. He killed him because of ideological differences.  Of course, this story probably never occurred as an actual event between these two fictitious characters, but indeed it has and continues to occur on a daily basis in this world that we inhabit now.
The first wars might have been over land or food, but I can almost guarantee you that they were fueled by religion. The reason mankind harbors religion is still very unclear to me, and it obviously has been the cause of countless deaths throughout history. So why do we endure the unbearable suffering that religion imposes over us?   Are we too afraid of life in a godless world?  Does religion somehow maintain our level of morality, and sanity within society? Do we as human beings need the belief in a higher being in order to cope with the constant changes that surround us, including death?
Out of all the previously mentioned, the biggest lie religion has spread is that the lack of religion would cause our society’s moral structure to collapse.  Religion implants the idea that something is wrong with us by nature, that we are somehow defective, impure, and incapable of being good people.  This factor is called sin, and in most cases even though it is still unclear to me, sin can only be washed away by blood sacrifice. This same stupid idea, repeats itself in most major ancient religions.
The truth is humans are more then capable of living moral lives, that not only benefits themselves, but other humans in their surroundings as well. We as human beings have been genetically engineered by evolution to survive within a community. Similar to all other social animals on this planet, we have evolved social mechanisms in order to survive.
If anything, religion is one of the main contributors of tension, and division among us.  It’s only purpose is to oppress the weak minded with the fear of eternal damnation, if certain rules and regulations are not followed (rules that are usually backed up by social elite). Is it to wonder why the elite always spread the false truth that a society without religion would fall into anarchy.
Religion and the belief in a God, in no way, shape, or form has helped mankind to achieve what we are today. Therefore in conclusion, we can safely say that religion should be left behind as something of the past, as we look forward and advance into new levels of knowledge. If this is not done, we can only look forward to more division, wars, and ignorance for future generations.

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  1. Pretty good, I like the Jesus start. Might try scripting it for a video.

    1. Wow, thank you... you are my first comment on this blog :) . Umm feel free to subscribe and share.


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