10 Problem with Trying To Accomplish Too Much Too Fast!

First of all, I didn’t want to write a listacle but it seems like that’s all people are willing to read these days, something I find to be a pity.  I am trying to write something for you guys every week, but it’s been a bit of a struggle. Hopefully, this article illustrates some of the mistakes I’ve been making and will help you avoid making the same mistakes.
Life is complicated, and your time here is finite. This for those of us who consider ourselves visionaries poses an obvious problem. You want to accomplish everything you’ve set out to do and you want to accomplish it now! You might have a lot of amazing ideas, but chances are these ideas require that you invest time and master a multitude of skills.
Perhaps it’s our instant gratification generation, or just human nature, how would I know I am no sociologist let alone a psychiatrist…  The one thing I am sure of is that meaningful achievements usually require a lot of smaller time-consuming feats. These feats come in varying degrees depending on the complexity of the chosen goal. Writing requires learning how to read and write, becoming an accomplished author on the other hand requires that you master these things. The same rule applies to pretty much all things in life.
And for those of you who are waiting for life to become easier, I have bad news for you, as our species progresses significant achievements will only become more and more challenging to achieve. Though, I think its time I make it clear that perhaps I don’t consider the same things others do significant achievements.
Many things stop people for accomplishing their objectives, some never set out on the quest out of fear of failure, others grow tired and disillusioned, but this article isn’t about those people, its about the people who try to accomplish too much all the same time, but end up accomplishing little to nothing.
The reason I began writing this listacle is because I feel that this is happening to me, right now I am working as the Chief Operations Officer for a small online company, learning Portuguese, Apple Swift programming language, writing two books, taking college classes, and reading several novels. So let’s get to the point, here are some reasons why trying to accomplish too many at the same time will not workout well for you.

1.              You are going to stress yourself out.

Lets face it, if you set too many goals; to many action items you are going to get stressed out. Either the tasks will eventually become too daunting or you will simply burn yourself out. Items that you initially wanted to do for fun will become work, and you will soon realized that you are working non-stop. Eventually you will become disillusioned with the goals you’ve set and you will quit.

2.              You’ll spend more time thinking about the tasks then doing the tasks.

The problem with trying to do too many things at once, attempting to learn or create too many items simultaneously will culminate in not completing any of the things you planned on doing. You are more likely to waste many hours thinking about which task you want to tackle first.  In my case other than learning Portuguese, moving to Brazil, learning how to program in Swift, and writing a few books, I also want to become a working engineer one day. The main difficulty is that all of the things I want to do require years of study first, advanced mathematics, a deep understanding of physics, chemistry, and other complex sciences. Putting too much on your plate can be disheartening at times; there are days when I just want to give up. I assure you this will happen to you too if you pressure yourself towards goals that might in fact be unrealistic for one person to accomplish all on their own.

3.              You’ll become distracted

You know what, forget the listacle! The amount of information we have at out fingertips is too distracting, writing this as a listacle is distracting, checking Google analytics is distracting, constantly checking your Facebook fanpage hoping that you got another like is distracting. I think that we’ve lost it.  For example, on a daily basis I find myself reading more than a hundred RSS feed articles, and listening to several podcasts. I lie to myself, and tell myself that consuming all this content will make me a better person, more knowledgeable, but is that really true?
The truth of the matter is that are minds have been rendered useless! We have become consumers, not producers. Instead of unearthing new discoveries we dedicate our time retracing past ones.
Honestly, this is one of my more open-ended posts, probably written out more frustration than anything else… I only hope it exhorts people to not try to multitask life goals, you’ll only become jaded. I myself need to put this into practice, and concentrate on one or two main items before moving on to larger projects. More than anything us visionaries need to learn to relax. You cannot always be working on something, always reading, or researching, or writing, you’ll drive yourself mad! Today, once I finish writing this article, I plan on doing something I haven’t done in a really long time, I plan on turning on the T.V and taking a break. After relaxing for a bit, I will go ahead and attempt to determine which tasks I should concentrate on, its better to focus on one or two items, and master them than working non-stop and not actually accomplishing anything.
All of that being said, I might be completely mistaken, though my chest pains beg to differ! It’s for that reason that I would love to hear back from you in the comments if your opinions on this topic differ.




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